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6 Yard Skip

£250 +VAT

Width: 5ft 6in (1.52m), Height: 3ft 8in (1.22m), Length: 11ft (2.6m).

(about 50-60 bags)

Perfect for domestic DIY projects and garden clearances. Great for all building work.


8 Yard Skip

£275 +VAT

Width: 5ft 8in (1.52m), Height: 4ft 1in (1.22m), Length: 11.5 ft (2.6m).

(about 80-80 bags)


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Our Fleet

We lead the way with our fleet of Euro 6 low emission environmentally friendly trucks.

Our customized trucks are almost 3 tonnes lighter than most other local companies designed to make it easier and safer when on your property.

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